VGA to AV Converter VGA AV S-Video Dönüştürücü Aparat

Dear followers, welcome In this video we have a VGA image S-Video or How to translate to AV image we will examine it We will examine our device, open the box and then I will send you information about the purchase

Let's open our box right now There is a video converter in our box One power cord is output One vga cable A video cable is output

One tulip av cable coming out Our product has a power output Power out the following cable input The other part of the USB device or USB charger on the head From the VGA IN section We are logging in with our VGA cable

To output to a second monitor We are installing VGA cable to VGA out With VGA Cable at the same time both monitor when receiving images at the same time av or svideo channels are able to exit SVideo cable to svideo in part We can put it like this Your AV cable again From AV IN plugging we can get images There is a control setup menu in this section of our device This way you can adjust the display for your AV TVs

Again NTSC and PAL settings We are able to do this from the buttons on our device After reviewing our product you are I want to forward information Under the video you can find the order links of the product Press the Buy button or at the end of the video Pressing the buy future product button you can go to the product's order page If you like our video you can support us by pressing the button, Subscribe to follow our next videos You can follow us by clicking

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