VideoExpert.Engineer # 011 – Der VGA Anschluss

Welcome, my name is Markus_Klein and in my 11th video I want to give you the video technician bring back a little bit closer In the last video we are at the RGBHV signal stopped

Here we have a VGA whip on 5 times BNC to transport the RGBHV signal You will notice that in this variant only the data exchange only in one direction possible from the source to the sink Depending on which device is connected the source – the graphics card – has no information which terminal is connected But if we now have the VGA interface take a closer look, then we see that here also DDC signals are embedded, this include eg the EDID signal How concrete the EDID signal works on it I go in if we have the digital standards and talk through the digital interfaces

Now I would like to give you an overview of where we are concrete and what have already done We looked at the video signals and for the analog video signals, the broadcast and the graphic signal In next video we will see the digital Broadcast signal and how this arises I thank you for watching have and hope it was fun and have taken a lot I look forward to seeing you next time are back and wish you to there all the best and goodbye

Source: Youtube