ZX Spectrum +2 grey and RGB VGA converter GBS-8220

I just made a new cable for my ZX Spectrum +2 I hope it is conected correctly

pin 2 is GND pin 4 is composite synchronization 6, 7, 8 are RGB more preciselly in this order black, brown, red wire are RGB pins 7, 6, 8 now i want connect it to this converter for now without signal i am using for it half of old VGA cable it didn't work properly for higher VGA resolutions now i will try it on my ZX 128k +2 in almost original state only modification is ACB stereo nothing more, no scandoubler, no kmouse etc I had somewhere power supply for my ZXS I will use switching power supply for Deskjet 340 It have right voltage and polarity 10 volts And it works I am trying auto settings first

And now i am trying reconfigure brightness and geometry in menu Good, it has some effect on brightness It looks better now I can change resolution, but it wasn't big difference And now i am trying press BREAK and RESET by one hand Success

And colors look fine Now we will try animation Because i have no storage RANDOMIZE USR 1300 is enough And it looks fine too Chinese GBS-8220 works with ZX Spectrum +2 grey just fine

Source: Youtube