ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54 13.3-inch Ultra-Slim Laptop Review

the Zen book is an attractive all-metal laptop with the asou slogan in front of the lid with its famous concentration rings surrounding it it's a thinner and lighter than the Dell XPS 13 but it's wider and deeper due to the bezels surrounding the display it's super easy to open the lid you can even do it with one hand but I did find the display to be very wobbly it's missing that stiffness and the hinge that's standard with the XPS Line port selection is decent on the left you have a USB 30 port an audio jack and a full-size SD card slot on the left there's a power connector another USB 3

0 port a USB type-c port and a mini HDMI port now my thought opening up the Zen book would be super easy just remove the nine screws and you're in but you actually have to take out the two rubber feet at the back to gain access to two more screws so I opted to leave the feet in place because I'm super clumsy and I'd probably destroy the Ultrabook but the only thing that's actually upgradeable is the m2 SATA SSD and Wi-Fi module the RAM is soldered on to the motherboard my model comes with an i7 7500 u cpu 512 gigabytes of SSD 16 gigabytes of RAM and a full HD display but if you want there's a model with a qhd+ screen now this unit retails for $1,300 Canadian I don't have us pricing for this model but the entry-level model starts at $700 us and that will net you an i5 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of SSD storage space the display is 13

3 inches it's full HD its IPS and has a matte finish so no glare or reflections when it's sunny but I found it to not have the greatest viewing angles contrast is pretty good but brightness is on the low side even out a hundred percent srgb sits at 96% and Adobe RGB sits at seventy-five is a good display but it's not one of the better ones you can get on an ultrabook now just above is the webcam it looks like this it's not the greatest but it's fine for the odd video call the keyboard layout is great I have no complaints regarding key placement the travel distance is 15 millimeters which is good for a laptop this thin the typing experience was fine the keys are tad mushy but not uncomfortable over a long period of use there's three levels of brightness to choose from so overall it's a solid keyboard the spacious trackpad on the other hand is good it's glass but it's not as great as the one on the XPS 13 it's accurate and fairly sensitive but I wish there was a bit more click when pressing down this model comes with a fingerprint scanner it was super easy to setup and accurate to use now the speaker placement is not the best on the bottom but understandable due to how thin this laptop is they're made by Harman Kardon and equalized by ice power so they get loud enough for a small room has a very clean highs but they tend to drown out the mids and bass fan noise is good it's fairly quiet when idle and not too loud when it's under full load inside is the latest cable a dual core i7 7500 new processors so fast and smooth to work in MS Office or Google Docs and more than capable of having tons of tabs open and consuming media now it's not beefy enough to game on but you can get away with some older titles like League of Legends csgo and if you really want to overwatch at low settings inside is an m2 SSD so I was getting read speeds of 530 and write speeds of 504 so not as fast as the newer PCIe nvme drives but more than fast enough for this type of ultrabook if you plan on editing video or photoshop work you can probably get away with 1080p footage just make sure to use a separate drive for your media now under full load the Zen book gets a little hot hitting temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius or a hundred and nine degrees Fahrenheit but again this is using apps meant to extremely stress the CPU and not representative of actual use I do this to test thermal throttling and surprisingly there was none kept temps even without throttling the CPU the touchpad kept cool but closer to the top of the keyboard it did get a bit now in terms of battery life the Zenbook is absolutely insane I was getting a solid 12 hours of use before needing to charge so super impressed with the battery life and it's better than the XPS 13 all right so here's my closing thoughts a Suze has created a premium ultra book while undercutting some of its biggest competitors it offers a beautiful design good sound a good keyboard great performance and exceptional battery life the only areas that fall short is the display and trackpad the Zen book starts at $700 us and you get an i5 7200 u CPU while the XPS 13 equivalent is $400 more now sure the XPS 13 is slightly better in most of these categories but is it $400 better that's something your needs your preferences and your budget will have to decide all in all this is a great ultra book and if you want to save yourself some money this is one of the more affordable ones that are out there so that wraps up my review of the soos Zen book 330 ua k

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I again follow its Gen Lightning Giveaway

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every morning he had been up he should start its activities as usual activities that may most people are already saturated to do ranging from the use of white and gray tying a tie in place using shoes as the foundation for future steps with full sincerity bag on his back but it was all done with passion full of hope to achieve a shining future day from afternoon He also has returned from fighting for the future However behind it saved an expectation want a laptop that can be taken anywhere though not like this which is already a core i7 though not like this "Rendering" "Janc * k" that can boot faster though not like this that its VGA qualified in order to like this "You are going to die, are going to die" after all this time hoping there is a bright spot "Skak wind laptop giveaway" "ASUS again" "Followup ahhh" but but that's okay

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Noon lunch of the unemployed Download books Open Laptop, Take a drink Take Snack Download HP Task ngerjain Gini early morning bad play games weh, if I can get a bejo dapet this one eh, Nice Double Double Double Double Kill Kill Double kill this wahh niceee Double kill triple kill Further Triple Kill triple kill Niceeeeee Quarda Kill, Kill Quarda this dapet Quarda Kill NICEEEEEEEE LANJUUUUTTTTT bluescreen And then guess what I want to express is It's the most I Irritated mas With the spirit of burning editing editing and Editing Tireless And When Finishing It makes gini, and added not responding Therefore Therefore Therefore I Pingin Then, I want to say this at my old laptop GOODBYE And so I can be an animator, and ngedit in the same Madara goku fighter on the planet Namek, then killed at Saitama all massss ,,

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NGATINEM ikut giveaway bayu skak ? apa jadinya ? || creator & asus zenbook

I ngatinem I cousin this guy then now create videos in their accounts this guy so yesterday I was mergoki ya ya right lia make video ,, then a few moments later, suddenly

he stressed sorry

despicable of him now ,, I do not understand why the hell can he be so but I know of Ms lia What ? Your laptop giveaway join ya ya ya? Of course, yes laptop amazing ya ya ya? uh

Asus Zenbookyang bangett processor i7 7 windows 10 2 GB ram VGA 2 GB, steady right yes, ter

weve you know what processor it? not windows ? not ram ? wait a minute wait a minute ram it seems then, VGA what? do not understand hahaha ,, so high school duh my stomach LHA kan I previously never had a laptop nem then how does mean I'm not invited ? ih

LHA doing invites you, mess all later yaudah then I want to create your own

up Make

HAHAHA Duh changerku ,, where ya ?? amit yes bear ouch ,, stay 20% longer battery okay ,, better HPnya I power off first let the batteries do not run out * Ceritane shooting skak wind giveaway teng teng teng Asus Zenbook laptop giveaway

yeey yeey yeey yeey yeey lia lia ya ya nem What ? HP I damaged it earlier I nem ,, power off suddenly when I hidupin so this ngrestart continue then ? then I ngeditnya nemhanya use any tool that can make me ngedit I do not have anymore just this only HP alone I do not have a laptop

dont have any only if this is just broken then how I ngeditnya ,, I could not make work again how? wait a minute wait a minute why your phone is damaged you instead

happy ? you never understand me, you never understand me

you're not sensitive with me You are mean baper why the hell ? you did to me was EVIL weee yes

that's it, she was so stressed broken HPnya gara gara but after I think think it seems reasonable anyway youtuber ,, because it is as if going to die if I can not work anymore

so I had a good cousin ,, I now want to cheer him yeeay ya li

watsup broh so excuse me that

one I do not have a laptop HP usual two I made ngedit suddenly broken This video ngeditnya not use notebooks neighbor genah paraknya application so if editannya less good yes maklumilah

hehehe oo in lend no thanks

no no

kidding do not forget to SUBSCRIBE

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ASUS ZenBook UX410 Review Indonesia: Rp15 Jutaan Bisa Apa?

We feel like it’s been quite a long time since we reviewed a notebook After reviewing the Rp 95 million ROG GX800 notebook two months ago, now we’re back with ASUS latest notebook, UX410

UX410 has just been brought to Indonesia in mid-June 2017 This notebook is included in the ZenBook family line, which means the design is premium guaranteed Most of the body is made of aluminum So besides looking luxurious, it is also sturdy On the front, there is a signature of ASUS’ Zen style where there is a circular sparkle pattern

There are 2 choices of color, namely rose gold and silver Gold is suitable for female users, and silver is suitable for male users If we see it, ZenBook UX410 is quite thin with a thickness of 19 cm But if compared to ZenBook 3 UX390 or New MacBook, it is certainly thicker

Is this a drawback? Certainly not Because with a slightly thicker body, UX410 offers more ports There are audio jack, 2 USB 20, 1 USB C, HDMI port, and SD card slot A line of this port would be easier for everyday use

Now let's open to see the keyboard, touchpad, and screen ZenBook UX410 keyboard layout is still similar to other ZenBook series It is a chiclet type of keyboard, equipped with LED backlight The touchpad dimension is 73 x 10

4 cm, which means relatively large for a 14-inch notebook The feeling of touching it is quite comfortable and responsive More about the screen, UX410 is equipped with LED panels, stretched along 14 inches The resolution is Full HD So, what is displayed on the screen, especially text or writing, is not too small

Well what makes us really like the screen is a 6 mm thin bezel and matte layer In addition to being good looking, it also helps make the overall body dimensions look like a 13-inch notebook The quality of the screen also meets our expectations UX410 screen has 72% color gamut, 100% sRGB, 178 degrees viewing angle, and a layer of matte that does not bounce So this notebook is very cool for watching and editing video Well, talking about video editing, this UX410 is created for that

ASUS itself claims UX410 as a notebook suitable for content creators or for productivity; for example, YouTuber, designers, music composers, and other similar professions Do not expect to smoothly play the latest games using this notebook To support productivity needs, such as video editing, UX410 relies on Intel Core i7-7500U chipset with maximum clockspeed of 35 GHz Actually, this chipset is integrated with GPU Intel HD Graphics 620

But fortunately, ASUS combined it with GPU NVIDIA GeForce 940MX which is certainly more powerful for video editing If you want to know its benchmark score, we have already provided it in the description section During daily usage, we feel the loading process feels fast, including for booting This is due to the use of combined storage of SSD128 GB for the system and 1 TB hard drive to store data The RAM capacity is also huge, which is 8 GB

We can still increase the capacity because there are still two slots of RAM provided Moreover, for other multimedia purposes such as watching, UX410 is also equipped with Harman Kardon’s audio Quality-wise is, again, still below ZenBook 3 UX390, which also uses Harman Kardon’s speakers But we are sure that you also will not be disappointed with the sound produced by this UX410 speakers that sound very detailed In Indonesia, you can have ZenBook UX410 for Rp15, 8 million

That much money would be exchanged with this stylish and elegant notebook, that is equipped with middle to top class specification This notebook is very feasible to support the productivity of content creators The main deficiency is its limited gaming abilities

It is just okay to play online games, like DOTA 2

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Giveaway BayuSkak | Creator & ASUS ZenBook

Hello boss !! How bro? I need someone else, boss Loh, did I already tell 5 people including you Here already ga tu no more troops Ouch boss Actually I'm sad talking about it, boss My friends are dead all How come?? Tu here is not just a defense program codes Here tu many biological monster some sort of monster, gitulah Then they also make weapons ah Njelasinnya tough but cool Loh, your friends that why? like this The first, the Indro Indro died burnt same animal that looks like a dragon Second, the Andra Andra attacked each robot that looks like an alien The third, the Andri Andrew died from the explosion of a bomb hit the advent of the roof Then the Andre He was shot

Yes weapon was the coolest Lah emang ga there is no way a rat? minor road or how so? To access road Actually there are a boss, I've been through, then I also already looking for a safe place Now the problem about the program codes My laptop is broken Yes engga broken anyway, sbenernya Fall of last pole power pole My goodness, God !! Then how, boss? Oh yes! Yesterday tu me the news that wind skak clay ngasi giveaway Bayu Chess ?? Giveaway what? The prizes tu laptop Laptop ?? Crazy, cool it What laptop brands? Already windows 10 The processor is an Intel Core i7 VGAnya 2 GB RAMnya 8 GB 1 TB hard drive To save your data up-drool drool What guns you drool? Iya steady tu I drool until beneran Can you picture? What is less convincing ilerku guns? hell yes But Gini, mending you say what your motivation for getting the laptop Now! Ntar not send to Bayu Chess Motivation? Okay so gini first I'll be able to pave the defense in there, let me be the secret formula The second Inikan I was in college, majoring in informatics engineering Funny, children do not have any IT laptop Yes laptops there anyway, but broken Okay who THIRD Let me be smoothly ngedesain Edit edit photos Then the Fourth, let the videos The editing can be smoothly Moreover, the name of the video editor / video editor should definitely be investing memory Now it's the fourth point was important enough FIFTH it's important points So I can make a video CGI and VFX It was the most important Yes, already already

Yes I think the heck, it Bener all to yourself Already yes, this does not send to Bayu Chess yes Okay ready! Uh, if I win, the prize is sent when? Estimated it Oh yes, here there On July 19, above July 19 and older Hah? It is dated 12 I was told to wait here like this this week? Yes enggalah! You come here back to headquarters! oh yes deng, Dingle Alright Here I am going home, boss Yes, ready, hurry! Thank you! DO NOT SKIP !!

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cricket damaged laptop can not be used ask discarded laptops woi * Shocked * ahoy submit your laptop still little toy laptop I will kill you submit your laptop this mas *run* * Fall: D * *fatigue* This laptop mu damaged laptop aja then his dong joined his giveaway wind skak the Asus Zenbook prize The Zenbook laptop equipped with Intel Core i7 processor windows 10 8gb ram 2gb vga how ???? upload videos on youtube 2 minutes Yes friend creator and the Asus Zenbook oh so toh mas yaudah I want to go home first want to make a video on youtube salim first

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Occupied by the new MacBook niche constantly exposed attacked by other manufacturers This time the attack is made Asus – Zenbook 3 is the same compact, easy, but productive

So, Zenbook 3 UX390U – aluminum housing, with 12-inch matrix IPS and the new chip Core i7-7500U Here in this small package There are several colors of this model, but changing basic color – pink, blue and gray But a golden platter is polished all versions of the same How to stresses that you have in your hands is not that anyhow, and laptop from the premium segment

The first thing I looked at ports and saw only headphone jack and a USB Type-C Fortunately, there's a hub – there is a conventional USB 30, HDMI and, again, Type-C If you charge a laptop, then there will be only two one that is not so So a bunch of peripherals to be connected ZenBook not, alas

The touchpad is nice and responsive, but his harsh button Personally, I almost do not use them in a notebook, I prefer tapas with your fingers or even connect a mouse In the corner of hiding and fingerprint sensor, which greatly It simplifies the login procedure in the system Windows Hello works fine, I recommend to all and more serious with the keyboard – get used to it I turned very difficult

The course of small, very many characters are skipped when typing due to the fact that you can not understand, press the button or not The layout seems to be the standard, but misses too often need to be addictive Typically these models waiting for the touch screen and advanced loops, but Zenbook 3 in this respect usual – here decent opening angle of the lid and simply good matrix IPS – with accurate color, very bright and juicy flowers Resolution of 1920 by 1080, is ideal for use Frames small cover, despite a small thickness, It does not bend or loose, well done

Well, just the touch layer is not present, then the matrix covered glass Gorilla Glass 4 Not bad Inside somehow Asus engineers were able to put Core i7-7500U, 16 gig of memory and SSD M2 format interface NVM Express This drive speed is not a record, but still impressive

Various modifications Zenbook 3 may also have processor Core i5-7200U, 8GB of memory and SSD from 256 GB up to a terabyte All depends on the wishes and the thickness of the purse performance of the notebook allows you to do it almost all open dozens of tabs in the browser, instant messenger, We listen to music, working in Photoshop or install video – the only thing that this model is not available due to lack of discrete graphics – the modern game Well, okay PCMark 8 Home Accelerated mode, and this toy, browsing, photo editing, showed three and a half hours of autonomous work

At a lower load, watching a movie, for example, a laptop It will last much longer We appreciate the compact and powerful range of laptops now quite large, but to find a thinner, lighter and less is unlikely to succeed And if they will, then not as productive Yes, it is not without nuance, you have to put up with the keyboard and a small number of ports, but otherwise – great MacBook alternative, but still powerful

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Bro, game already started the lo lihaten oh yes, yes I yes hey bro son, you talk to anyone baseball pack you are crazy yes like that father in this first video I want to follow awaynya give mas wind What prize

laptop ASUS ZenBook Such laptops further the reason why I want to be a laptop which first create a task why how to do the task because you all already know that sma the task is always to accumulate, especially now that I've had grade 2 grade 1 only my job so rich it wrote was a class 1, especially now that I've had grade 2 if such there is a laptop, it is easier more practical work Further that no 2 I want a laptop dapet dapet why you want a laptop? because the laptop already starts to break down, especially for video editing actually I've asked for a laptop to father but yes always like this laptop pack in fact come from the first pack I want a laptop time fathers do not want to buy me a laptop c'mon pack there is actually a second way is saving but every time saving is certainly there halanganya No godaanya, yes, like this what it is, meatball meatballs that no 3 bro's already 2 minutes let hunted Do not be long enough of the video of me such as no more time we will be back again

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