Occupied by the new MacBook niche constantly exposed attacked by other manufacturers This time the attack is made Asus – Zenbook 3 is the same compact, easy, but productive

So, Zenbook 3 UX390U – aluminum housing, with 12-inch matrix IPS and the new chip Core i7-7500U Here in this small package There are several colors of this model, but changing basic color – pink, blue and gray But a golden platter is polished all versions of the same How to stresses that you have in your hands is not that anyhow, and laptop from the premium segment

The first thing I looked at ports and saw only headphone jack and a USB Type-C Fortunately, there's a hub – there is a conventional USB 30, HDMI and, again, Type-C If you charge a laptop, then there will be only two one that is not so So a bunch of peripherals to be connected ZenBook not, alas

The touchpad is nice and responsive, but his harsh button Personally, I almost do not use them in a notebook, I prefer tapas with your fingers or even connect a mouse In the corner of hiding and fingerprint sensor, which greatly It simplifies the login procedure in the system Windows Hello works fine, I recommend to all and more serious with the keyboard – get used to it I turned very difficult

The course of small, very many characters are skipped when typing due to the fact that you can not understand, press the button or not The layout seems to be the standard, but misses too often need to be addictive Typically these models waiting for the touch screen and advanced loops, but Zenbook 3 in this respect usual – here decent opening angle of the lid and simply good matrix IPS – with accurate color, very bright and juicy flowers Resolution of 1920 by 1080, is ideal for use Frames small cover, despite a small thickness, It does not bend or loose, well done

Well, just the touch layer is not present, then the matrix covered glass Gorilla Glass 4 Not bad Inside somehow Asus engineers were able to put Core i7-7500U, 16 gig of memory and SSD M2 format interface NVM Express This drive speed is not a record, but still impressive

Various modifications Zenbook 3 may also have processor Core i5-7200U, 8GB of memory and SSD from 256 GB up to a terabyte All depends on the wishes and the thickness of the purse performance of the notebook allows you to do it almost all open dozens of tabs in the browser, instant messenger, We listen to music, working in Photoshop or install video – the only thing that this model is not available due to lack of discrete graphics – the modern game Well, okay PCMark 8 Home Accelerated mode, and this toy, browsing, photo editing, showed three and a half hours of autonomous work

At a lower load, watching a movie, for example, a laptop It will last much longer We appreciate the compact and powerful range of laptops now quite large, but to find a thinner, lighter and less is unlikely to succeed And if they will, then not as productive Yes, it is not without nuance, you have to put up with the keyboard and a small number of ports, but otherwise – great MacBook alternative, but still powerful

Source: Youtube